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Ole Martin Årst

Ole Martin Årst is a former striker who played for Standard from 2000-2003, scoring 46 goals in 84 games. During his last season, before moving back to his native Norway for personal reasons, he scored no less than 26 goals in 36 games. Ever so kind and grateful, Ole currently stars as a pundit on Norwegian television and still keeps an eye on his former club. 

Ole, what is your best memory as a Standard player?

Without any doubt the crazy atmosphere at Sclessin. I remember I was shocked when I first came there as an Anderlecht-player and later as a player from AA Ghent. The madness that had such a big impact on your self-confidence as an away player gave me the strength when I got to play for Standard. It’s an absolute world class atmosphere and a real ‘kick’ to play there. To have my own song by the fans just gave me an incredible feeling of pride.

I will also never forget what you did when I fractured my leg. The book I received with all the supporting messages from the fans was probably the most touching moment in my whole career.

You’ve had a lot of strong team mates at Standard. Who impressed you most?

Daniel Van Buyten was really coming through the ranks before he left for Marseille and Bayern Munich. He was impressive and a real machine. But I can never leave out my good friend Almami Moreira and I cherish my partnership with him. It was such a pleasure to be served by him and ofcourse to celebrate the way we did together. Just a top player and a great man I miss.

Almami Moreira

What was your best game as a Rouche?

It’s difficult to remember all the games you played, but I do recall a hattrick I scored against Charleroi (26.01.2003), and it was always nice to beat them.  Scoring and winning away in Bruges is even better (02.12.2001, scoring a brace), but then you wish you did it at Sclessin for the right atmosphere.

Who impressed you most in the opposition?

Ah, there are really a lot of players to chose from, but Gert Verheyen (FC Bruges) was always a handful for us. And obviously my good friend Pär Zetterberg who never lost a ball in all his years in Belgium.

We talk very often about the magic of Sclessin, but what makes playing for Standard so special?

How can I explain this properly? It’s just so massive. In many stadiums they make a lot of noise and have some nice songs. At Sclessin however, everything is so genuine and fanatic. You can really feel that the fans live and breath Standard. That makes it so easy for a foreign player to come in and just love the club and the fans immediately. I could say I’d break my leg for the fans, but then..hey I actually did (laughs). It was all worth it when I got the warm welcome back after my rehabilitation and I kept scoring as well.

I must admit that coming back in 2014 to kick off the game, 11 years after I left the club, and still hear the fans sing my name and my song, was just an incredible feeling and so spectacular. The people in Norway were really shocked that this could happen even 11 years later.

What would be your favorite line-up of team mates you played with at Standard?

Vedran Runje – Joseph Yobo, Eric Van Meir, Daniel Van Buyten, Ivica Dragutinovic – Ivica Mornar, Didier Ernst, Robert Prosinecki – Michael Goossens, Ali Lukunku, Ole Martin Aarst. It’s probably too attacking, but at least my team would score a lot of goals!!


Takk Ole!