About Us

A passion for the club

Welcome to “The Hall of Fame” of Royal Standard de Liège.

Over the past 120 years, our glorious club has been able to count on an impressive list of incredible talent, both on and off the pitch. The combination of talent and the Liege mentality has led to great achievements: 10 league titles, 8 FA Cups, 8 winners of the Golden Boot, as well as a reputation across Europe. This non-official website is a small contribution to keep alive that past, the typical identity and the patrimony, and to pass it on from generation over generation.

Defining a selection of players, managers or directors is by definition colored and subjective. Our initiative is no exception. Nevertheless we have tried to apply both a quantitive and statistical view (eg. nbr of games) as well as assessing their impact on the club, their fans and football in general. It is important to note that our first selection is not a golden eleven, or a team of the century.  Our goal is to highlight players, managers or directors who often gave their entire career to Standard, and to share their achievements with younger generations. Hence you will not find any player who is still playing football actively at a high level.

The selection committee behind the Hall of Fame consists of Marc Coudijzer (Historian Standard), Philippe Gerday (journalist Sudpresse), Claude Henrot (Historian Belgian football) and Christian Raspiller (journalist Sudpresse). Statistical assistance was also provide by the Foot 100 organisation. This combination gives us live coverage for nearly every single game since the fifties, and allows us to appreciate every single player and their contribution to the myth of Standard.

We will adding three new personalities every six months, respecting a balance between players, managers and directors, pre or post war, Belgian or foreign players. You’ll see additions in the coming months to ensure you have a one stop shop to learn and read about the history of the greatest team in Belgium. Do follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Enjoy browsing, and #comeonyoureds #coyr


PS. From the 1930s onwards, Standard published several official magazines, ranging from Standard Sport over Standard Magazine to Le Journal du Standard. As club historian I am keen to reconstitute the entire collection. Do you have any insights into when the earliest magazines were published? Or even own some of them? Did you collect older original photos? Let us know if you can help. Many thanks in advance!